Sunday, July 17


Come back to me
And give me strength
And make me complete

Where I be
If you were alone
And had no use for me

Oh bliss and joy
Hear my prayer
And help me woo
Your elusive friend

Give me courage
And consistency
To see serenity

Oh mighty one
Hear my will
And let me shine
Through the hollow
In this silence

Give me wisdom
And give me strength
To follow this madness
Give me the gift
Of providence

Hear me Oh Mighty Sun
Hear me Oh Swift Winds
Carry my words through these times
Of condescending ends
Of mirrors broken
Of shattered dreams
Carry my soul through the bends

I want no rainbows, no butterflies
No fireworks that hypnotise
No sugar-coated promises or empty air
Just a little time…
To prepare

For a time of madness
And unspoken truth
Of aggressive instigation
And corrupted youth

Give me silence
And give me thought
Give me light
And all that is not
Give we wisdom
And the power of verse
Give me prayer
To shake this curse

Father, Mother
Bless your son
Give him your strength
Your courage, your wisdom
To help him become
All that is you
And all that you are
Bless me, my creators
It is time..

For your creation to shine.