Monday, June 27


Resonate in me
Through these shattered clouds of glee
Resonance, I see
Now how you've come to be

These filaments of truth
These figments of thought
I have come to be
Whatever you’re not


Free me from this madness
Free me from limits and mortality
Let me claim my sky
And my one sun
Build my own paradise
Within this one


Rise up from the ground
And see your wings shine
And burn the insolence that hinders
Proclaim what is mine


Separate from doubt and despair
From damage and repair
From negative handshakes
And hatred in the air


Float, hover, stay
Forever this way
Shine, divine, incline
Shake that thin little line

Become one
Become infinity
Become madness
Become sense
Become true
Become imaginary
Become what is made
Become ordinary
Become what you cannot
Become imaginary
Become what is loved
Become wonder
Become the hated
Become blunder
Become what is joy
Become a smile
Become what is sadness
Become a while
Become become
Become nothing
Become this
Become you
Become me
Become us
Become infinity