Saturday, October 8


Alone, in silence, in peace
In my thoughts
In my words to myself
I have become a suit.

I have become a part of the machine
A tweaked, sharpened component
I have sinned
I have blessed
I have kissed, and missed
And caressed

I have wondered about time
And sand in space
Smiling faces
And a part of the race
Of conclusions, and passes moments
Of mistakes and blunders
That I cannot erase
Of hourglasses, and lava lamps
And cats and fiddles
And postage stamps
Of airline tickets
And work and play
Of tomorrow..
And today

Of blood and kin, and souls in skin
And candlelights under street lamps
Of Jins and ghosts, and things
I still try to understand
Of returns and departures
And misplaced goodbyes
Of why dear life, must I face
Your sweet lies

I have searched for answers
And purposes
And reasons and more answers
And I have found them
And I am not content
I know there is more to see
More than I can hold
More than I deserve today
Tomorrow must be good
Because I can still smile
Because my hope still hold strong
My peace is within me
But what about the pieces I have left behind
Have I become new,
while killing my old self?
Have I become different
At the cost of pretence?
Or have I become stronger and faster?
I think it must be so.
Because my demons obey me now.
My ghost smiles by my side.
My past has made peace with my future.
And I no longer have to hide
The silent thoughts
The silent contemplation
It is a part of me now
The shadows show me the way
And share their wisdom with me
I am no longer new to the world
The world is new to me.