Friday, July 2

We have found each other

Spiraling through corridors
Of facades and faces

Of common names and commoners
And pieces of plays shattered on  the wall
Deliverance lies within a door
Within itself
And without

Beyond this horizon lies an answer
That answers them all again
Rising up from the ashes of unanswered curiosity
Juxtaposed in its caress and tenderness
In totality it finds itself
Unshaped and rare, untouched and pure

This significance, this existential substance 
Of time and space tucked away
And let be, and left to blossom
And left to seek freedom from voids
In its absence lies the answer
And in its presence the solution

Ask, and you shall infer for yourself
The benefit of doubt
The privilege of questioning my fide
And asking things that were unasked
Unshaped and rare, untouched and pure

But to walk with me you must walk faster
Each step taking you away from yourself
And yet you do so every time
Playing your role in this script incomplete
With a tear and a smile
A slave of your own freedom
A multitude of reason

We have found each other
Like old friends, we shared our time
And carry in us the dust crystalline
Of thoughts unspoken, of words clear
Bring into this idea your jaded smile
Your desolate plea of acceptance
And you will be left with hands empty
And minds full

We have found each other
My time and me
And while we talk the All waits
This beautiful trust takes us
Into its embrace
And we sit, talk
And share ourselves
And watch the sun depart
In clandestine
In echoes and shadows
And in reflections

We have found each other
And we cannot help
But feel lost again