Monday, July 5

Dear misery

Dear Misery,
I hope you've been happy
With what you've done
I don't miss you anymore
And I don't think I ever did
I despise the times we had
And the experiences we've shared
And I have no place for you anymore.

The contriteness is gone now
And so has the empty shallow
The shadows hate the shade
And now follow the light
They are enlightened and no more.

The sad faces have been promoted
With a million smileys each
And they wear them all the time, dear misery
I don't think they miss you either.

The despair, Dear Misery, has taken a leave
And has been taken over by solitude and peace
Old friends who've learnt their ways
From the old man under the holy tree.

The pain, Dear Misery
Was touched by grace
And decided to mend its ways
It heals now. And is very happy with itself.

Dear Misery,
I hope you have something else to keep yourself busy
Because I've moved on
And so has everyone else.
And just for the record
You are a b*tch!!