Saturday, June 5

Butterscotch Gold

I saw a butterfly and in its eyes i saw your sky
And cherry pie for the guy who saw it here
I saw its rainbow wings n in it things that made me smile
I know you see us in this while

This piece of me is yours to take
With cherry cheese a slice of cake
This butterscotch in lemonade
This tenderness we serenade
And on the moon we find our peace
And build our walls from cherry trees
And shake the sun to make it shine
In this heaven all of mine

I saw butterflies and in their wings I saw your face
Saw you take me to that place
Where smiles are sold without a price
The marketplace of surprise
And that is where I saw you play
This moment back to yesterday
I saw you smile I saw you blush and glow

Make a wish and wish again
Wish for wishes in the end
And in the crystal ball of fire
Find the joy that you desire

You are my eyes inside these skies
Butterscotch gold  you are divine
You are the touch in an angels sigh
The clouds in heaven, in disguise...
Oh sweetness mine you are divine
You are the sun that makes me shine
Stay with me and spread the love
Shine on me, from above!