Thursday, October 22

Come. Fly with me.

I see paper planes over planes of reason this season they change their flight. Like a derailed train of thought, they exchange reasons for plight. I see the sun watching over them like one would watch a child, like a giver who gives, and seeks a smile. I wanted to be a part of this, but it was all so grand, and, I wonder, If I wasn't so small would I be accepted into this plan? I waited and watched for things to come into play, like a child waiting for its mother to take it away. Rays of hope that shine, come to mind, in this lucid verse of joy, singing songs, bringing reason and substance, and with it a dream made from the dust of a thousand stars, that shine far and wide. Do I get to witness a miracle that will bring to me the change I wish to hold in my hand? If I do, then hold true, and wake me up before I realize that something, someone, far more greater than my being, is toying with me.

Wake up with the sounds of heaven in resonance, with the bells of Eden in a vibrato, ever so blissful, beckoning you to walk along with smiling angels who don't care what you did last night. Enter a world where a brother knows a brother, and a son loves a mother, where joy and hate cannot co-exist, merely because negativity is not allowed to pass through the gates. Where birds sing from their heart, where the sun is allowed to shine with the moon, and the stars make their presence and applaud in silent approval. Witness nativity. Witness the daylight under the moon, witness decisive victory of hope and love over tragedy and dismissal.

Walk with me into this song sung by innocence, into this grand story, one with a plot that shall thrill you, and gift to you an eternal smile. Are you ready to embrace the shine of a million stars in attendance? Are you ready to pass the gates? Look within your exterior, and let the words jump out by themselves, let them guide you through your way. Let peace do the talking, while you walk into the midst of humble glory. Simple. Beautiful. Eternal.

Come. Fly with me.

Note: This is an extension of this, and this.