Thursday, September 6

sacred flight

..sacred flight
A sacred privilege is flight. Like a distracted star, I lose my exterior, My constant, My irrelative variable. I lose everything in its path. I lose myself. I elevate. I drift into Holy Winds of Babylon. I have no fear. No weakness. No distrust. No diffidence. My only flaw is that I am human. Yet, I am blessed. The Trinities shine upon me, and lead me on my path to Heaven, cursed with the shadows of dessicated angels. With tears of blood.

This is creation. This is sin. This is...

Welcome to my world.

Welcome to my dream.

Welcome to nativity.

Welcome home.

the sacred flight.

Awaken, from your deep slumber of ignorance. Awaken to see the moon play havoc with your mind, while the sun watches, eclipsed, in glee. Call upon the Phoenix. With wings of silver white, and eyes tainted red, like scarlet clouds.

Ride into the horizon, leaving behind a trail of motionless dust. Ride into oblivion and contemplate possibility of existance. Rise... In flight...


Be pulled into your own dream. Allow::Acquiesce::Hold with yourself the inhibitions that drive away diffidence, faithlessness... and weakness...

Embrace the Blue Prayer...Of skies marked Cerulean

This is creation.
This is nativity.
Elevate yourself, and fly with me.