Thursday, September 6

sunset scene

All over the hill
The stream passes by
It knows that its time
For the sun to rise
Birds talk to the wind
Just to make sure
But something's not right
When the light disappears...

I see a vision of the clouds
A vision of the stream
And the sweet summer breeze
Blowing straight in between
And streaks of rain
Trailblazing the clouds
And the sweet scent of drizzle
Thats been roaming about

Give me a dream
That makes me complete
Give me a dream
But make it unique
Give me a dream
Without all the pain
Give me the dream
All over again

I dream of a scene
Where the sun's gone blind
And all I can see is the wind
I dream of a scene
Where the clouds start to pour
And the rain starts to scream
I dream of a scene
Where the leaves crumple up
And start to fall to the ground
I dream of a scene all over again
And the pictures come tumbling down
I dream of the clouds
And I dream of the breeze
I dream of the skies
And crushed up leaves
I dream of the same old sun
And the same old rain
The same old scene
And the same old same

Give me a picture
Thats crystal clear
Lost n confused
I don't know who I am
Look at the picture
You might understand
Give me a dream
Just to make sure
Give me a dream
But make it pure

I have a dream
Of a sunset scene
Of grass gone blue
And streams gone green
And little pine cones
Falling on the winter snow
The same old scene
It never seems to go
I see a vision of the mist
And a clear blue sky
And crushed leaves of spring
That fall as they fly

The summer breeze
It talks to the clouds
I'm sure that it knows
What I'm talking about
And then the mist and the fog
They come back home
And then I wake up
And I'm all alone.