Tuesday, September 4

orion's belt

Coughing on the exhale
there is a mass exodus of emotion
when the blood rushes from head to heart
to fingertips and bruises.
There is an apology waiting on my shoulder
but you don't allow me to speak,
and I just swallow my guilt by the mouthfuls
acquiescing to your request of silent love.
I do not feel the electricity
and the cacoons in the pit of my stomach are not moved
in the fluttering breeze with which you hope to catch
and fan the smoldering embers in the pit of my eyes.

Icy sparks, and yet still there is no flint to light
the dead-wood of my limbs.
So I draw the shades and sigh.
It's been a long night and the stars told me
the evenings are going to be cold and empty for awhile.
I raise my glass in a toast to uncertainty and a frustration
that is palpable since these nights come as a hallow saving grace.

Close you eyes and breathe in,
let bodies and bones and skin relax into the cool air.
It's the imitation of want
and I seem to need it.

Orion's belt.

A set of three stars which form the central belt of the Orion constellation. Never knew they were called that until yesterday. I used to see them as a little kid way back in the nineties, when i was studying abroad. Came here to continue my studies. Left my family, and these three stars were the ones that kept me company. Feels nice to have someone or something always watching out for you. Felt like home even in the unknown. Like a blanket of starlight i was tucked away into and lulled to sleep even wven i know i was alone and all by myself.


Every time i look up at the sky at night, they're there. Watching over me. My grandma once told me that our loved ones die and become stars. Maybe it's true. Maybe not. I'm not here to evaluate that probability.

This is my version of the Orion's Belt. A term i coined for a group of three close friends. Me. Praneeth. Zubair.

Specimen 1|Kaustubh PRANEETH Janak
A brother. Have known this bum for a pretty long time. And i have no regrets. Gets very annoying with his freakin sarcasm, but ah.... what the heck.Shared the same classroom, the same guitars, same love of music, blah blah... in short... shared our ups and downs. Nice guy... Big, gentle, harmless.

Specimen 2|ZUBAIR Ahmed
Met him recently. Took him 2 days to drill stuff into my head, that even a lifetime of my parent's efforts could not accomplish. Wise. Best way to describe him. Good sense of music,good at heart,likes chai.

Specimen 3|Me/FAIZ Shariff
No comment. I'm just another face in the crowd.