Monday, November 16


A new day awakens
A new word speaks itself

A mother speaks, a son listens
A star shines, a flower glistens
A thought appears, a meaning follows
A path unravels, through joys and sorrows

It is said that we are chosen by our choices
It is we who are to be blamed, not the voices
We are the faces, we are the ones we see
Why is it that we still ignorant be?

Thoughts and joys, whispers and conundrums
Masks of lies and smiles, you know it has begun
Shutters click, doors close, footprints we make
In these sands of time we try to hold at stake

Discover smiles and joy, discover creation
All over again
Discover walls and chains, discover mortality
All over again
Discover madness and fear, discover reality
All over again
Discover catastrophes and miracles, discover unknown
All over again

Wake up to a ray of sun, in your solace of shine
Wake up to colors and stars, in this dream of mine.