Thursday, July 16

Sand Castles in Tangerine Dreams

I see visions of a future
Of a tomorrow lost in today
I see apparent peace and bliss
Content in itself, in every way

I come across a morning drift, like a lonely man
Like a mourning sift warning an only man
Like objective subjects and subjective objects
I have no idea what I just said except...

I see the full moon smiling at me
I feel the wind waving back
I see myself wishing the sun was there
But he's too busy hitting the sack

I see goodbyes and hello-hi's
All around me I see joy in disguise
I see harmony and peace and bliss
I see misfortune giving this a miss

I see Don Corleone with Wooten and Miller
In my head I see them chill
A glass of Macallan Single Highland Malt
Up atop the sunset streaked hill

I see smoke rings and sand castles
And smiles of tangerine dreams
I see myself smiling away like a jackass
Lost in a rainbow tinted stream

I see The King, Elvis, with B.B.King
Fighting over common last names, doing their thing
Michael screams as he walks on the moon
But he didn't come back and it ended too soon

I see a bird chirp
I feel the wind fight my accelerated trip
I see myself, with a blank flag
On the highest Mountain tip.