Wednesday, July 1

Memories in my pocket

It all started with a single day
One that put a new world in place
One that brought out the thought in me
Bound together with eclectic grease

Brilliant. It's all brilliant.

Life's good.

I sit here typing after a sleepless night filled with volleyball, nicotine, a LOT of Marcus Miller, some sitcom dosage, and a lot of endless wishing in my mind. And now I have to get off my behind and go to a job that demands more responsibility than I have the capacity to give, and earns me more respect than I have the capacity to contain. After a life of bending to the rules and staying away from the grind, it seems as though I've finally joined the rat race after all. And it gets tougher and more demanding by the day. Lately I've gotten obsessed with volleyball, and The Beatles, and Marcus Miller. I've taken a liking to vegetarian food. I like the rain even more now. I hate the traffic. I love having the sun over my head as long as I'm wearing a helmet.

Worth it. All worth it.

When I sat down here to type all this, I thought I'd write a load of poetic riff raff that I could boast about to myself, but I guess I'm not really in the mood to listen to myself right now. But I don't really know. Pissing myself off would just mean that I'd end up doing the exact opposite of what I'm doing right now, which would take me to back to the original plan, and lead me to my being content anywho. Ah. The irony of it all.

I've got memories in my pocket
More than it can ever hold
And tales of conquests ordinary
They're bad, I'd get killed if I told

And poetic thoughts that I'd rather not share
Why? Because I don't have too many to spare
But I still have time, and yet some more
To talk and talk until I bore

I'm stuck
In a room full full of mirrors
And all I can see, are a million me's
One after another, one after another

I see them, they see me
I see them see me in infinity
When I smile, they smile
When I frown, they smile harder
The bastards!

Ok. Not my best work. But then again, I never promised anyone anything. But yeah, if you're reading this, and you know me in person, I know you're going to hit me later for boring you like this. Sigh.

I'm awesome. Oktakecarebye.