Tuesday, September 29

I'm lucky to be lonely

NOTE: Thanks Riz for the idea.

I'm lucky to be lonely
Cuz at least I ain't dead
I'm lucky to only..
Be alone instead

I'm lucky for a reason and some more
I'm lucky to be lonely, of course I'm sure

I may be lonely but I still see the sky
And I may be the only one not surprised
That I may be just one, I'm happy anywhoo
I'm lucky I'm alone and so, are you...

The morning paper's all mine and the coffee too
I'm happy I'm just one, so would you...
Close the door on your way out, please close the door
Cuz it's messing up my space and it's not, cool anymore...

The rain's pouring down and it feels just right
It's surprising it knows exactly where i seem to hide
And it's pouring til the sky's all clear
And it's pouring and I love it here
And it's pouring and the floor's all gone
And all I do is make this song.