Wednesday, December 3

Practice makes perfect

Bullshit. It is a meaningless fcking saying. It is just that. A saying, not a doing, because a doing is not a saying. It does not hold true except for boring activities or messed up elitist desires or personal obsessions. I would not get anywhere in life if I was merely practicing what I was supposed to do. I get paid to do my job, to work, not to practice and implement the phenomenon of 'Trial and Error' and test the correctness and the presence of probability in my daily life. If that ws true, I would only practice all day without doing a God-damned thing. Take for instance the fact that I've been practicing to look good for years, and all I have is a bad jaw and a lot of pointing fingers. Why do these bogus sayings not have a hyphen at the end followed by the name of the idiot that made them? Does the judicial system of the world we live in enable us to sue the dumb bloke who made them? And while we're at it, can we also add the tiny observation that if it is untrue, then a lot of children out there are going to have their hearts broken? Thats accounts for a lot of mental harrassment and torture, so in short this guy who's going around making bogus sayings should be put behind bars where he's forced to study and correct the grammatical errors of his ways so that the world may be at a better place.