Wednesday, December 3

A penny for your thoughts

If Jill comes up to Jack and tells him that, and if he says a 100 thoughts, is he technically supposed to get a whole dollar? Does that make him legally and legitimately eligible to claim an entire standard unit of American currency? Can Jack take legal action against Jill if he doesn't get his dollar? And suppose we take into account that neither Jill or Jack are American, does the entire statement turn null and void in that sense, and if it does, doesn't that mean it's racist? What then is Jack supposed to do when Jill does not give him his one dollar? Also, lets take into account that Jack is not smart enough to elucidate a whole 100 thoughts at once. Does he get some sort of installment plan or some sort of mutual understanding where a recording of his thoughts is made so that he can claim his dollar once he touches a hundred. And what if he only needs 50 cents? What if while expressing his thoughts, Jill suddenly remembers that she has thoughts as well, and starts expressing them to jack, what were to happen then? Would it be technically right to take number of Jack's thoughts and procure the difference between their thought by subtracting that figure with the number of thoughts that Jill has to express? Or else, since Jill is the only one who said the damn line, shouldn't Jack be un-eligible to claim any stakes on the offer? Will Jill agree to his demands? And why is Jack such a stingy prick anyway? One more thing, since it's inflation season, shouldn't Jill say "A nickel for your thoughts" instead of the penny dialogue. This disturbs me. Why is Jill such a cheap bitch anyway, and who gave her the right to decide if it's supposed to be a penny or a nickel without consulting a trained trade analyst, or even without taking the consent of a veteran specialist economist?

Now,.. I'm really glad they fell off that hill...