Wednesday, December 3

What's up?

One more rotten apple. I can understand that this serves as nothing more than a conversation starter, but come on.. I would really like to hear one logical and reasonably appropiate answer, only one, out of the tens of twenties that i get to hear to that miserable question every day. What's up? I have no fcking clue... And don't bloody ask me what is up because i had nothing to do with it. If you think about it, YOU were the one who asked the question, YOU were the one who's interested in knowing if i know what is up, and YOU were the one who knew that it was up there in the first place. This could only mean that YOU were the fcking moron who was dumb enough to lose something up there and go around asking for it like a fool, so unless you mend the errors of your ways, i suggest you stay away from me you half-baked lunatic!!
And it doesn't end there. We, as socially active organisms tend to 'bend and modify' things according to our whims and fancies without giving any thought or careful consideration to the deliberate influence of our actions. I regret to inform you, that "What's up" is no longer with us, and died a sudden and painful death as and when "Sup" came around the corner with his low waist denims, smoking a pipe full of pot and sporting a neck with enough bling bling to make sure his ugly mug was no longer visible.

Random Person A: What's up man?
Me: Er..
Random Person A: You okay bro? So what's up?
Me: Nothing much.
Random Person A: That's awesome man. I got nothing much up there as well..
Me: Get the fck away from me!!