Wednesday, August 20


Why do dreams disappear?
Why do tomorrows reappear?
Why is the world so round?
And why, are it's inhabitants so down?
Why is peace so rare?
And why is war everywhere?
Why are celluloid smiles all the rage?
And what's with the Digital Age?
Why are the days shorter now?
And the nights darker than ever?
A paradox unparalleled
Drifting into forever

Why are politicians so @%$#ed up?
And the people no longer a people..
Their minds blotted down and their voices turned mute
By the hands of The Evil

Political Chaos prevails|For a trivial source of combustion
Trivial it is I assure you|It has no purpose but to burn
And as we walk the walk of life|Praying for reason to survive
I see no hope without the same|A selfless motive of sacrifice