Tuesday, August 19

From Elusive, to Exclusive

There was a time
In time gone past
Where chaos came first
And the calm, came last
When all that was good
Was all that was rare
When all that was wanted
And needed, was never there

There was a time
When The Obvious, was The Elusive
What we have now we never had then
Nothing ever was Exclusive
When freedom was a fairytale
And Equality a dream
And peace was measured in pieces
Behind barracks held by concrete beams

There was a time which wasn't now
Which is a part of the dust gone away
When unity wasn't strength
But merely, a dramatic script at play
When voices were mute, and arms dedicated to guns
So is it wrong to see, those arms held together in prayer
And heads bowed down, to a G_D that blesses Love
Instead of blessing a Tomorrow that breeds slayers

There was a time
In my yesterday
In my past gone away
I dread to say...
When the exclusive was elusive
When the ordinary meant something else
And The Rights were uncommon, hidden within books
Tucked away in laminated shelves

There was a time
And I'm glad it isn't now
Because now, now is better
Than what it was
Because now I see
A smile arise without reason
A helping hand wanting no reward
A shoulder by a shoulder
And humility and mortality
And no room for material regard...

There was a time
And I'm glad it isn't now
There was a time
And I'm glad it just was...