Sunday, August 17

What's in a name?

Original Idea contributed by Z. My apologies for using this idea without notice, and my gratitude for letting this stay. Thanks man.

Hello. My name is Faiz Shariff, my self-assessed shortened version of my full name: Mohammed Faizuddin Shariff, which when defined in that order in Arabic from 'Faiz', is read as: 'Winner' of 'The Faith', Decent. Doesn't make sense, but then again, what's in a name..

What's in a name? It is merely a tag, a means to differentiate, but not a definition in itself. Rejoice, for we are nowhere near the names that define us. It is what separates our comparative identity from the rest, it is what we utilize to associate ourselves and everyone else with memories good or bad, with actions just or unfair, with dreams, and with nightmares.

It is funny. If you went out on a quest to search for another individual who had the exact same name as you did(God help you if you belong to the traditional Hindu/Arab families in that case, you'd take forever then...), you would be very very surprised at how different that other person would be. And yet it is so very amusing at the same time.It is a marvel of nature, and a blunder of sorts, one that brings with it irony and wonder.

How would it be if everyone on this planet had the same name? The news would read:
Today T, son of T, married T, daughter of T, under the watchful eye of Father T, as well as their parents T and T, and T and T.


And what if there were no names at all? What then? The same article would read as:
Today , son of , married , daughter of , under the watchful eye of Father , as well as their parents and , and and .

Does not make sense.


Now back to the point. It fascinates me as to how a name can help distinguish the very minute details in a person's identity all by itself. Just by knowing a name, a person's region, religion, status, even occupation in some cases, caste, creed, color,.. all of these attributes can be made out, or at least estimated to a certain extent. These names, however are also indirectly responsible for the disgusting existence of war, hatred, racism et cetera et cetera.

What then, is the solution?

You tell me.