Wednesday, August 13

Trip Tease

I wanna trip real high
On marshmallow dreams in blueberry skies
With a cigarette in my hand
And a flame nearby

I wanna trip real high
Get my groove along
Let my 4stringer loose
As I sing this song

I wanna see Marley
Ride on the highway
Burnin rubber on a Harley
As he claims his stake...

I wanna see Mr. Jimi
Take his Fender out
And answer all the questions
Lost in the crowd

I wanna trip real high...

I wanna see The Man
Step right on the moon
And split it right through
And do it real soon

I wanna see the seas and the oceans
Confused in emotion
I wanna see them dry up
Like a realistic illusion

I wanna trip real high...

I wanna see you, with me by the side
Watching the stars laugh as they pass us by
I wanna see the moon smoke a joint
And get eclipsed before he makes a point
I wanna see the sun fight with the moon
For a share of the light, that dances to the tune
Of a pointless point, of a pointless same
Made by a man who lost his name..
I wanna see the tide, forget it's way
And google it up to set itself straight

I wanna trip real high..