Sunday, August 31

A brobdingnagian enigma..

I see summer sun,
In ginger skies,
Reflected, I see it,
In her auburn eyes.
It smiled at her,
And she smiled back,
The girl I call,
The Curious Cat.

High above the castle's clouds,
Sitting oh so free,
Sat a pretty girl ,
Made of tangerine.
Elevated, levitated,
With wings of cotton and more,
Escalating away on a mirror to the moon,
With a heart of golden core.

And so I met a girl,
A pretty one,
Eating strawberry ice-cream,
Under the sun.
And as she smiled,
The sun smiled back,
Bringing down a thousand rays,
And that was that..

And so I met, a pretty girl..
Who thinks more than I do,
And calls me smart instead ,
And confuses me ,
Every time I use my head.
Who questions my questions,
And answers them too,
A pretty girl,
Within the blue...

She LOL's a lot,
And Hehe's too,

Pretty little thing,
Fallen outta the blue.
Catches me off guard,
And runs me over,
With her NAYs and her AYs,
I remember the girl,
Whose auburn eyes,
Made my day.

I met a girl,
And shared my dream,
Of harmony and bass,
And as I talked,
She sat and heard,
All my words in place.
And as I talked,
About dreams and fears,
She heard it all,
So crystal clear.

She hates the fact,
That I eat chicken,
And wishes instead that I ate cheese in it's place,
'But then again', I'd tell her,
'All that's for folks,
From outer space'.
But I don't,
Because I do not want,
A broken face.

She says that I'm funny,
And I wonder why,
And she knows more than me,
About the stuff that I write.
She remembers things,
And I can't help but forget,
But I still remember
The nice girl who bought me coffee instead.

Walk along with me,
I cannot fly with you,
Without a spell,
I can only read the cosmic code of groove,
Of which I cannot tell.

Complicated you are,
But still as simple,
And truth can be told,
And yet so surprising,
So mesmerizing,
Like a Xmas present yet to unfold.
And if you sit,
And try to fit the pieces together,
You'll end up like the stupid rooster,
Who crash-landed without feathers.

I am but a forgetful monk,
Without a beard and words so wise,
But that I need not have to be,
To see purity in your eyes.
You shaken and stirred,
With rum and gin, and scotch from the bay
And company is company,
So I think I'll share mine today.

I talked to an angel,
And she sat and heard,
Words of wisDumb,
From the musical nerd.
I cannot describe her,
And what she means to me,
Limitations of a limited poetic,
That are meant to be.

And yet I try,
Her smile is worth the type,
Like front-page news,
That is worth the hype,
A brobdingnagian enigma,
Or a tritone paradiddle,
A euphoric sigma,
Or a crossword-ed riddle.

Objectivism she knows,
But Pavlovian is my way,
And yet somewhere across the horizon,
Her idea comes into play.
The curious cat,
Without a bell,
With questions to ask,
And stories to tell.

Yet full of surprise,
Like the moon in the middle,
Within neon-like skies.
Like a polychromatic collage,
With every color for the eye,
Well placed on the canvas,
Like stars in the sky.

One who shares,
Thoughts and dreams,
And fear and sorrow,
With joy in between.
One who I like listening to,
Without falling asleep,
Like a walk on sunset strip,
Through peppermint street.

A melody without silence,
The trident of peace,
With no room for sorrow,
Or explanations underneath.
And I'm afraid, I can't buy you bling and bling
But I can lend a shoulder, a tear and a smile,
But I can crack a funny jest, a quip if you will,
And along, the infinite while.

And so listen pretty one,
To the bassist worth a dime,
And read these lines,
Just one last rhyme..
A prayer,
A wish,
And a promise I stole,
From the sands of time...

Let the sun break through the clouds,
Just as you break through your doubt,
And may you shine, O crystalline diamond,
And may you blind all those about.
And may your joy arrive this very day,
And may your sorrows burn away into tomorrow,
May you find solace and peace in every moment,
And may all your pain turn hollow.
May misfortune forget, to knock on your door,
May fortune take its place,
May you be filthy rich, and some more,
May you remember to buy me, that bad-ass bass.!!

This goes out to the pretty girl next door,
You know who you are,
A pretty dream I come across when I'm awake,
So close, and yet so far...