Thursday, September 4

Groovy Reasoning : The Second Groove

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a state of spiritual freedom and bliss? What is it that provokes us to taunt the known and set out in the search of someplace so ethereal that this very world pales in comparison? I have often wondered what it would be like to open up a second world, a second door that lies hidden beside the first that is thrust upon us, a second option, a second chance...

The Second Groove. I'm bad with psychoanalytic terminologies, and my vocabulary isn't really what you'd call verbose, so I made up my own term for the feeling, the thought, the idea, and the experience, that, I like to call, My Second Groove.

In short, I like to think that our first groove is what we consciously experience, what ticks our clock, what winds our coils every morning, and what fuels our daily existence. But then again, the same old same would make life very trite, boring and UNentertaining wouldn't it? Come on now, stop giving me that apprehensive look and admit it, you too have experienced your very own Second Groove. Only problem is, you don't know what I'm talkin about because I made my own name for it. Big deal...

Among the stars, I sit and see
Days turn night in memory
And as I sit and wish for more
I cannot help, but explore

In my little corner in the dark
I yearn for peace, topped with bliss
And for a change, and thoughts of joy
That I could forever miss

And as I sit, and think of time
The voices they echo, the words they rhyme
I call upon, my second groove
To teach me to forever shine...

There are times when you are yourself, and there are times when you don't know who you are... It is at times like this when you can estimate the possibility of the existence of a second force backing you up, a mysterious thing that enables you to peek outside your shell, to push and exert yourself that one extra step, that one extra leap...

That, is what I call The Second Groove.

Have you ever wondered how you're sober all day, and turn into this psycho goofball all of a sudden? It's like this, the Second Groove kicks in either when you are in a state of extreme pressure, or extreme comfort. It is what makes me wake up in the middle of the night to write stuff like this, it is what made me clear engineering somehow, it is what makes me think about music all day long, it is what differentiates me from the boring conscious being that I am. I've noticed it kicked in with much larger fervor around a few people who have become part of my daily everythings and nothings.

I've noticed that when I'm around certain people, my second groove kicks in at Godspeed. The Orion's Belt. Praneeth, my brother from 6 long years, I manage to do the stupidest things ever, and yet manage to make them seem funny and intentional. It is when we chill out that I like cruising around in a car, which I'm not normally fond of(Cars and me are a bad equation), but that equation bites the dust with this brother around. The second 'third' of the belt would have to be Z, whom I can somehow converse philosophically around, and even counter-philosophize, if that makes any sense. He is also my backdoor into the world of piracy and techo thingamajigs.. Others would include Rebel(a kid who will make it big some day, and whom i call a kid at every opportunity while I still can) who somehow reminds me of myself and my own reflected yesterday. And then there's the Drunken Quartet: Abdul, Me, Pranab, and Rajni. Old friends who remain old friends,who've been there and watched my back in my worst times. Then there's Ridhee, who is this awesome girl who's one of the best thing to ever happen to me, one of the coolest friends ever, and the only one who did not kill me for spending cash on Pineapple Juice in a bar.. and Aahana, who I think is the only female in the world who actually tolerated all the khattas I came up with and did not kill me... yet. And, would chill out at midnight smoking Blacks by the side of the road, would hand me her Blueberry cheesecake in exchange for my Oreo Shake, and would have the inside scoop on whatever was going through my head.

The Second Groove, however, deserts me shamelessly around my Dad, or around hot chicks. But then again, it's never too late for an upgrade...

Think about that. And groove on...