Saturday, June 7


Long ago when i was a little boy without a purpose I would spend many a days gazing out at the stars and hoping that one of them fell on my biology teacher. That never happened. SO i kept gazing harder the next few times. Still didn't work so I stopped gazing and just passed out of high school and got it over with. Intermediate Education was another pain in all the wrong places with me getting into shit at all the wrong times and getting beaten up by all my sirs all because ofbad timing and the amazing ability to get caught at just the right time... when my hands were BRIGHT red. In this sad time of my life I met another boy who, though a lot lot bigger in size, had the same sized brain and the same stupid outlook about life. It clicked and we'd spend many days by the road eating chinese noodles or chatting away in Irani cafes collectively paying for chai and other essential commodities. Time passed and soon we moved on out into the big bad world of Engineering. The stupidest thing that i have done so far. I could never think that 4 yrs in that place could ruin the discipline and nerdiness that 18yrs of life had worked on. Praneeth bhai zindabad!! He's the coolest no? No?

And time moved on.

One day when I was smoking spiked hooka in the mystical himalayas i came across another boy, who, like me, had a fetish for navy cut cigs and strings on wood. It was a wonderful day, though i have no memory as to how. Ahem.. so then we sat down and smoked until our lungs begged us to stop. A full-filling day that was. The boy inherited my stratocaster and has been doing justice to it ever since. In return he gave me the assurance of life long sutta sharing company n the secret promise that he'd laugh at my jokes even when they aren't funny. Fair enough. Life has changed since then.We turned brothers and have been fighting injustice and have dedicated our lives to saving the world from Britney Spears and Himesh Reshammiya. Yup. Zubair's the man. ANd ya I have official rights to make a fool of myself, and drag him down along with. Whatte convenient it is...

And so Orions Belt was formed. And we're still jobless.