Saturday, June 7


Take me Groove, take me now
Underneath the rainbow, over the clouds
Beyond common sense, and what seems to be real
Take me away to the place that can heal
And then show me, a reason to feel alright
A reason to smoke my fears away, into the night
Take me away, to GrooveTown
To the town of Groove
Where a smile and a vibe
Can heal all that's impure....

It was a cold Monday morn, smoked screened window pane
The sun went shallow, but the breeze stayed the same
I went kaliedoscopic, had the groovy Monday blues
So I lit up another, stepped up, and got outta my shoes
I picked up my bass, my significant other
The one nailing that groove all over the floor
And even though I was meant for strings six
I was happy with four, no less, no more

A sweet little slide, and a lil jazz on that bend
Open hammer pluck all the way to the end
This is nice man, its all good, its all funk
There's always more groove than I had THUNK

A slap and a pop, funk feelin free
I may be crazy bu that ain't stoppin me
And just then right there...
Wah-wah, the pedal screams
Hammer-on a pull-off a hammer-on
Whatever that means...

Grooves in the air, sweet mellow scream, sweet mellow scare
So i go on the sly and slip in another vibe, right there
A-minor G-major... Good Lord, I don't care
I just know how to trip I guess that's fair
Bend the funky C, and slide it to the A
Smoke sweet nicotine, and fly far away...