Sunday, February 17

..:the sounds of silence:..

Sunday morning... Heavy head, heavier soul. I wake up, i drag myself to the nearest mug of coffee. Too many things in my head, and i need to get them out. Reason overcomes randomness today. Today, i can think, i can reason, i can deduce meaninglessness. I've given up on pondering over things i can't decide, given up on wondering what i'm doing with my life, i, have given up on everything my thought of reason has no influence on. What I've not given up on, is faith.

Faith. Small word, bigger meaning. Relative. Means a lot to those who believe, and yet nothing to those who don't. I spread my wings of silver, and jump. I only pray, that I fly. I do not know if I will. I know not if i shall fail. I don't care.

rage|greed|revenge|motive|purpose|existance|joy|sorrow|emotion|pain|G_D|nothing|everything|nothing at all
We are compressed into smaller spaces of wisdom, corridors and doors shut off from everything all around, no rain no sunshine, no blessing, no crime, only static, standing still in time. I long to find myself on paths lit with eternal shine, yet to be seen, yet to be discovered.

Free yourselves. The time is here. The time is now.

PS- Not all mine. Ram helped.