Sunday, February 10

..:sanctum sanctorum:..

.:sanctum sanctorum:..

I was lost
In a dream perhaps
And I found shelter
In a shrine of peace
I was comforted
I felt safe
Under the rain
And the northern breeze
I saw no pain
I saw no sorrow
I saw a smile
On tomorrow

I was happy in my shrine
Happy as can be
I saw the Love of Power
And replaced in turn
By the Power of Love
I saw power
In the human soul
I saw rhapsody
I saw a tomorrow
I saw clouds make way
For a brand new sun
I saw hatred disappear
And i saw, that a new day
Had begun

In that very shrine
I saw a little boy
Quiet he was
With eyes burning like fire
'I have a name',
"Tell me"
I asked...
'Human desire', he said.
Take me into shelter, he asked
And show me a world of peace
Show me a world with no sorrow
With no hatred, greed or disease
I laughed.
The boy was a fool.
I cannot show him what he asks of me
I am mortal
I am uno, unus, monos
I am one
And alone,
I am helpless.
I cannot please the little boy
And i see his smile fade away
I ask him to keep his faith
And i bid goodbye.