Sunday, February 10

Life, is a paradiddle...

..:life is a paradiddle:..
Life. A euphemism for the temporary period of existance that we spend on this green elemental ball floating around in the cosmos. It's funny actually, the fact that we take it for granted. Frankly, I think we're all idiots... except for Hendrix, Wooten and George Carlin. Why? I like em, thats why, so quit sulking and read on. Don't argue with me, i can give u a headache.

Come to think of it, in a wierd ironic sort of way, everyone here is an artist, a magician, a traveller of a cosmic journey. An artist, a painter, they work with colours. A magician works with illusions, weaving the "impossible" by tapping the human mind. A photographer plays with light, with the photo-genetic spectrum. A philosophpher weaves wisdom through the mistakes of all those around, and thru his own. He observes in silence, and is emphatic in his perspective of the common world. A psychologist does the same, at a more intricate and detailed level. Scientists, all kinds, dedicate themselves to the elements. Musicians are dedicated to the arrangement of sounds in rhythm, thats music Einstein. Actors play with emotion. Writers and poets...well... these gifted people play with words. A comedian plays with humour, and i'm glad these people
share there existance with us. They make the world slightly more comfortable to live in.

If you think about it, life is KINDA like a bus ride, we're the passengers, destiny is driving the damn thing, and ironic thing is, even if you're sitting in your cosy windows seat watching everything pass you by, the fact that you're getting everywhere, and nowhere at the same time is, well, scary. The solution to the problem?? Buy a damn bicycle and get off the the damn bus.