Sunday, September 9

silver weeper

The winds flow faster
They talk to each other
They know
The storm is coming
The winds get stronger
The Silver Weeper
Is coming.

For you see
He was never like this
I'd say he was a little child once
In a little town in Andalusia
He was happy then
He had nothing to worry about
Fate had other plans
A quick crack from a fool's whip
And an arrow tainted with venom
And down fell his old man
His paradise was on fire
He could see it
He could do nothing
But pray
But prayers take time to work
And he had none
All was lost

He wept for days
He wept and wept
Until the Devil awoke
He showed Mercy
He embraced him
And took him home
The child woke up in Abaddon
He was in the Devil's company
He saw a shine
He saw light
He saw hope
He saw a reason to smile
But smiles don't come easy
And they don't come cheap
They come
For a price...

The Devil ask for his soul
He agreed
The Devil asked for his loyalty
He agreed
The Devil asked for his pride
This, was different
He did not smile this time
He did not agree
He rejected the Devil's request...

The Devil smiled
He wanted this
He wanted young blood
But most of all
He wanted
A proud soul
One that was like Him
One that respected itself

Thunder struck
Noctilucae and lampyrids filled the sky
It was time
A cloak was made
From the Shadows of Abaddon
And a sword was drawn
From the very depths of the Great Fire
The Devil smiled
The boy smiled too
He saw power
Right there
Right before his very eyes
And so the boy turned into a man

He now walks across the realms
With a grin across his shallow face
A grin that chills your spine
They say he speaks in an argot
That only the winds and the sun can comprehend
He lives in a castle made of dust
And the ruins of lost souls
But he does not kill
At least not without a reason
He merely showed the way
But legends are seldom true
After all
He was a slave
A slave
To the devil

You can not see him
Even the light fears his presence
But the shadows
They are different
They embrace lone souls
They like good company
And he seemed like one of their kind
The winds obeyed him
The sands of time showed him the way
The Weeper commanded all
The spirits feared him
He was stronger
He showed no mercy
He disliked company
He walked alone...

They say he had eyes that shone like burning coals
And a voice that spoke to the wind
He could see fear
He could sense it
He wore a robe that was made by the Demons of Light
When he walked
He shook the earth
When he spoke
The winds would stop to listen
When he screamed
The would disappear
Change their course

He had the essence of a mortal
But his soul belonged to another
The Devil himself
He had a build that would put Goliath to shame
A pity though
For he had no name...