Monday, September 10

an ode to an angel ode
She is beautiful
She is mine
Like a grain of mystical sand
By time
My special star
In my special sky
My little diamond
In the walk of life
She's a part of me now
A part of my soul
She is my dream
The one that I hold
My cerulean halcyon
My dove of peace
My fellow melodist
My angel

I love her
She makes me smile
She makes me want to be
A better man
A better me
So listen up my precious
The rest goes out to you
Silly words, by a silly fool
Who always thinks of you

You're my special star
In my own blue sky
The one I always look at
As the wind passes by
The one little flower
In my garden by the stream
The one by the river
That looks like a dream
My little diamond
In a mine full of coal
The one with the shine
The most beautiful soul
Her voice is a dream
And so is she
I have my own angel
And she'll always love me

Walk with me
I'll show you the sun
The moon, the stars
But most of all
I promise to always be there
Wherever you are

Walk with me
I love you by my side

Walk with me
Walk with me my angel
Walk with me,
Because I cannot fly with you.

Dedicated to the one of the nicest and sweetest girls I've ever met. A wonderful friend. A wonderful person. A fellow wanderer in the walk of life. Thank you for sharing my thoughts and dreams. Thank you for smiling along. Thank you for all the care, concern and appreciation. And most of all, thank you for just being there.

To my Wanderer. You know who you are.
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