Monday, September 10

desert flower|arctic wind

...desert flower|arctic wind
He was a free spirit
A demon
A genie
In a lamp
She was a Holy Angel
A Seraph
One harp in her hand
He had an affinity
To the Holy Strings
Of Melody
He played
And she sang

He loved her
And she loved him
Blessed spirits set free
From unholy walls of sin
She had wings
Made of silver
He was all smoke and fire
Like birds of a feather, they were
To admire

He was the Arctic Wind
Who carried the icy blue
Yet he carried
The Desert Sand
To remind himself
Of you
Little grains
Of Desert Sand
So boundless they were
They hold infinity
In the palm
Of your hand
He was free
Boundless he was
He knew not where to go
Except to his Angel
Whom he loved dearly so
She was like
A desert flower
With petals, white as snow
And drops of dew
That taunted the sun
But there was nothing
That he could do
She would bloom
In the desert
In the middle
Of nowhere
In the middle
Of everything
In the middle
Of it all
O desert flower
How wonderful you are
May you ever bloom
And wither never
May you conquer all
Came Summer
Come Spring
Come Autumn
Come Fall...

She sailed through the Heavens
And rested on the clouds
She waited for her significant other
With unquestionable doubt
He was set free
By the blessed music
Her sweet melody
Blessed Symphony
Blessed Harmony
O bless you Angel
Blessed Angel

She was the light
Yet she had a shadow
That fell upon the Land
A disguised reflection
Of a Genie
in a lamp
O blessed Angel
O blessed Jinn
Feel Heaven's grace
Embrace within
Feel love for another
And blessing too
Feel sorrow
Share sorrow
Embrace Heaven so blue
Feel the light of the Sun
And the comfort of the breeze
The colours
Of the Holy Spectrum
And Green Grass
Feel the drops of the dew
Feel the scent of the spring
Ah, if only she knew
If only she would sing
She embraced the lamp
And he embraced the clouds
He loved her even more
And everytime she sang
He learnt to love her more
Days come
And days go
Days pass by
And everytime she'd smile
He would fall in love
Once again
He still does
Even now...
O mighty Genie, O Arctic Wind
Come out from your lamp
O free spirit, O blessed Angel
O Desert Flower
Come down upon the Land
Embrace Mother Earth
Feel her spirit
I know you can
Walk together
Walk forever
Walk to eternity
Walk to infinity
Walk to nothingness
Hand, in hand.

Hand. In. Hand.