Monday, September 10

celluloid smile

...celluloid smile

He smiles
But i know its not true
A fake expression
That's brought out from the blue
Why must he?
He knows it's a lie
If only he'd listen
If only he'd try

Photographs and flahes
Keep surrounding the scene
Celluloid reflections and expressions
With the faces between
These wheels in motion
They know not where to go
Unclear as an ocean
Thats knows not where to flow

Every thing's so empty
And yet he believes
Why won't he?
Why won't he?
Why must he sell his smile away
Why must he think that it's true
Why must he embrace this ignorance
Like fallen angels from the blue
Why must he live inside a hell
Why must he kill away the pain
Why must he fall into the spell
Of celluloid refrain