Monday, September 10

give me silence

...give me silence
Hello there
How do you do?
Here's my little story
About life so blue
Its not too flashy
Not that I care
But I'll say it
What have i got to lose?

It happened today

I hope up today morn
And put on a smile
A fake little thing
Full of guilt
Of guile
The rain appears
The clouds appear
It starts to pour
And the thoughts
Ah yes, the thoughts
They disappear
I see a little paper boat
Fight for its life
Floating by
Into the shadows
Not knowing
It knows
It has to sink
But it'll still try
To live
To fight
Because it likes
To feel the High
That you get
In fighting
For your life

A word of life
A word of shine
A word of peace
Inside my mind
What do i want you ask?
What do I need?
A shimmery shine?
A ray of hope?
A streak of serenity?


Give me silence.