Monday, September 10


Feel me Heaven
Save me grace
Let Angels and demons
Fall back
Into place
Open doors new
To Elysium
To the Pearly Gates
Of Kingdom come..

Start the voyage
To the stars above
They awaken
They bless
And shine in Love

With wings made of Gold
And feathers made
From crystals of light
And the wind so pure
And walk on clouds
Crystal Clear
Like a tear
From the eyes of a lonely child
And feel the breeze throughout
Call upon the White Phoenix
For he shall follow
Your prayer
And leave this world
With open grace
Like dew drops in the air

Cross the oceans
Cross the streams
Cross the rivers
And valleys between
Tame the anger
Of the Holy Mountain
Embrace the hollow
Of the Narrow Canyon
And then
Once you're done
And look at the sun...

Look at the Sun
The Holy Messenger
The Sun knows all
Look at the Sun
And you shall know

Your journey has just begun.