Sunday, September 9



The messiah shall heal
He knows all unreal
He listens
Through the shadows
He talks
With the wind
So close
So distant
Like a tear from the wounds
Of an angel
A broken spirit
A wounded seraph
A feather from its wing
Is all that I want
A drop of the Holy River
Tainted with a drop of sin
A drop of the Holy Water
That the rains shall bring
The rains give me peace
They give me hope
They give me
The warm scent of silence
Overclouds the sweet scent
Of Abaddon's sin
Like the kiss
From an angel's lips
That the wind shall bring.

Separate yourself
It is time
Break me
From what I am
Break me make me
Break me
From what I was
Break me
Just because....

Everything you say
Is true
Everything else
Is a lie
A deviation
And everytime
I look at you
You reply
A revelation
Within you
But nothing implies
That I still do love you
Like I did before
It's still love
But just a little more

You now have reason
To walk along
And walk alone
Embrace the shadows
Abaddon is near

Go home.