Saturday, September 8


If I fall
Will you?
Hold me
Pick me up

If I cry
Will you?
Console me
Lift me

In the rain
Or in
The mellow
The sunshine

Will you?
Share a smile
Will you?
Share my pain

If i die
Will you?
Or will you
Walk along
Or say goodbye

Will you?
Be my angel
In the eye of the storm
Will you?
Share your tears
Or will you hide, them
Like your fears

Will you?
Walk along with me
Or leave me behind
All alone
Will you?
Be my angel
On the path
That you have shown

Whenever I'm down
Will you?
Be there
Will you?
Come around
Will you?
Embrace me
And get me back
To the ground

Don't leave me all alone
I love you by my side
Sharing my joy, my sorrow
Sharing me
Sharing you
Nothing left to hide

You are...
My pride
My sunshine
When it rains
When it pours
Like a glass of wine
My precious
My everlasting shine...