Wednesday, September 12

blue prayer prayer
This is my story
Of a blue prayer
That I hold in my heart
It resides in my soul
Taunting me
To lose control
To set myself free
From my own inhibitions
Of failure and grief

Of pain and sorrow
I know it is not
It is the opposite
Of a curse laced with deciet
A little prayer
That I hold
In the palm of my hand
That holds the key
To my little box of prayers and dreams

A prayer as blue
As the wings of a Halcyon
A memory of the life that I've lived
A good one I'd say
With love and peace
Blessed by a smile
Sent by the sun
And the stars too
They love to watch
And they talk to the moon
To wake up and observe
That a little prayer
Can attract
The celestial beings up above...

Welcome to creation.

I am not very fond of this story
It brings with it pain and sorrow
But I've kept the moral for myself
Quit today
And LIVE tomorrow.

A simple little word
That defines all of us
Wake up from your deep slumber
There is no "late"
No "never"
There is only "now"
The very moment...
Embrace it
Treasure it
Hold it in the palm of your hand
And seal it forever in your little box
Of dreams and memories
Don't ever open that box to find peace and joy
Jus because you don't have any in the moment
Open it to remind yourself
That this is what you've gone through
Awaken to a new day
Of peace
Of joy
Of love and blessing.
These are just words in fairy-tales
Words that have no meaning
Words that are empty and hollow
A new day is upon us
Shine with it's blessing
Dwell into it's prayer
Open your wings of silver
And fly away
And if you prefer not to
Walk with the ones you love.

This is my dream.
This is my vision.
And this is my prayer.
May you all find peace, love, good-health and prosperity.
God bless.