Friday, September 14

nothingness is a part of everything

Nothingness, is in everything. And everything, is in nothingness. And while everything around flies by me with an inevitable threat to fall down, collapse, and crumble, while hanging in the balance by a long silvery thread that taunts my very existance, my helplessness, and my incapacity to do anything about it. Do we have in ourselves the strength, the ability, or the capacity to realize and serve the very purpose that we came here for??

The fog fades aay
The road is clear
Our vision is clear
Our purpose is clear
The rain has stopped
There is only silence now
Holy unholy silence
Revel in its glory
Lest it pass you by

Survival. The basic purpose of human existance. To live. To breed. To explore the unexplored. To experience, the unexperienced. Freedom. Love. Peace. Pieces of dreams that have been chipped off by the hands of the Almighty G_D himself. Is this all real? You, me, everything, nothing, time, space, the sky, the stars, the sun, the moon, are we all for real? I do not know. I never have. But that won't stop me from trying to find out.....

As i sit here in my room, wondering if the 21 years of my existance have served any meaningful purpose at all, I am taunted by the very dread of doubt that clouds all of us, one that haunts poeple for years together. Doubt. A word that seems so small and harmless, and yet... so evil. so powerful. so....


Yes. I have served y purpose. We all have. That is how the world runs, that is how it works and functions effectively. I am here merely to live, to put it in as simple a phrase as possible. To live. But is that all there is to it? Is that all I was sent here for? Surely there must be a higher purpose, a higher meaning to all of this...

There is. Yes.

But I'll never know, unless I keep trying...