Wednesday, September 12

..:A smoker and his cigarette:..

Pic Courtesy: Deepa Mistry

Me and my cigarette
We've spent many a good time together
Through winds of motionless smoke
That seem to drift away forever
Ah yes..
Motionless smoke
And faded memories

I inhale from it
It's life
Given to me with a smile
And while seem
To exhale the pain
I see a light
Shimmering through the breeze

As i lay on the altar
With my so-called "friend"
This fairy tale fades
And i see it end...
A crushed up dream
Thrown away
With a smirk and a grin
That's gone today
And flashes in the sky
Taunt haunted memories
To pass me by...

And then
That as you see the cigarette burn
You see pain in the sky
And with a fire in the clouds
The collapsed consciousness...
It returns...
Welcoming me
With open arms
And accepted grief...
And with a warm embrace
I am ushered in
Into walls of slumber
Never to return
Cursed to remain
Within it
Trapped within
The curse of irony...

And then the smoke
It returns
The pain drifts away
And the consciousness that resides within me
It awakens
And I see
The light
I see a prayer
Laced with blessing
And zealous hope

I wake up
And I'm alone
There is no smoke
There is no pain
There is no grief
I feel free now
Free from the clutches
Of the very dream
That i had created
With my very own hands...
I feel free now
I feel relieved...
So much so that...
I go back to sleep.