Wednesday, October 1

Diamond Dust

We are Fallen Meteors and Shining Lights
Abandoned by our Brothers
Asters and Auroras and Orbits and Coronas
We are Cosmic Scars and Confused Afterglows
Discarded by some, accepted by others

We are Winds in Heat and Clouds in Shame
Of Love and Lust we yearn
Caresses and Winks and Kisses and Blinks
We are Children of the Night and Siblings of the Morn
But we have yet to learn

We are Dogs and we are Demons
The Saviors and the Oppressed
Turtles and Moths and Bears and Sloths
There is much to be learned

We are Dreams and Nightmares
Glass Vessels of Iron Will
Saviors and Whores and Cowards and More
We are Hearts of Gold and Minds of Steel
We think we are, but still

Image Courtesy: Deepa Mistry (Love this!)

We are Flares and Cinders
Cosmic Spaceships of Ethereal Stuff
Hammers and Nails and Planks and Pails
We are Teachers of Past and Students of Future
We may be Diamonds, but that's not enough

We are Skeletons and Ashes
Charcoal Sheets of the Universe
Sheep and Wolves and Rabbits and Bulls
We are suitably complete, we assume
But we have yet to rehearse

We are Visionaries and Fools
Branches of the Holy Tree
Wars and Victories and Benefits and Mysteries
We have wandered enough, we think
But we have yet to see

We are Electric Stars and Poetic Souls
Smirks and Smiles and Shapes and Styles
But while seeking Humor in the Tales of Battle
We have neglected to observe
The footsteps in our miles

We are Asked Questions and Unspoken Answers
We are the Quiet, the Noise, the Words in Silence
Doubts and Fears and Reasons and Sneers 
We are the Known among what He employs
We are but, the Dust in Diamonds.