Saturday, August 3

Flightship 11

There once was a monkey
Drunk as a well
Mesmerized, hypnotized
By life's hidden spell

He was curious, this one
And asked many questions
And he was furious
When the answers were none

And there once was an owl
Wandering through the skies
Searching for the moon
In the rivers of surprise

He seeked the moon's image
He was lost, this grand bird
Searching those flowing waters
Through the rumors he had heard

And so they met
And what a grand meeting that was
A celebration of sorts
Just because...

They talked and they talked
And laughed all the while
Until the monkey changed the scene
With his sly little smile

The monkey had a plan, the monkey said with glee

"Let's move the moon
And catch his image and see
Let's build ourselves a spaceship
And fly across the sea"

The owl waved his hand, and countered with courtesy

"Now don't be hasty
We can't keep the pace
We don't have the screws
To fix it all in place"

But the monkey was stubborn
And the monkey was drunk
Once he had even decided
To be a holy monk

And so he jumped and danced
Declaring his little plan
"No need for screws, we've got the nuts
You'll come to understand
We'll work the days and nights, all the next 7
And when we're done, we'll call this thing...
Flightship 11"

The owl was astounded, shocked beyond a doubt
With careful thought he answered
"This is madness 
This just cannot be
Why the number 11
It makes no sense to me"

The monkey smiled
And answered without haste
"We are 1 and 1, and that makes 11
It's just a matter of taste

We'll fly over to the moon
And tell him to look to the lake
For in that water lies his image
The one that ripples cannot take"

This made sense to all
And so the owl agreed
And so they did what they did
And so the moon was freed.

The End...?