Friday, June 24

let us be

there’s a sun shining up there
burning as we shine in its light
there’s a moon giving it company
at the other end of the night

there’s a shadow seeking a sign
hiding from illumination that can kill
there’s a person in the mirror
waiting until

there’s a street by the river
and a a brook by the bridge
there’s a canyon in the mountains
there’s a river by the mill

there’s continuum in the equation
and an answer that makes sense
there’s balance in the fulcrum
and there’s momentum in tense

there’s a magic trick in the hands
and a rabbit in the hat
there is this in this
there is this in that

there is joy in the clouds
and voices in the rain
there are prayers in the winds
and smiles that remain

there are thought not known
and chances not taken
there is gin in the clouds
of alcoholic sustain

there is a shiver in the nerve
and tinge in the shade
there is a calm in the scene
of this escapade

there is a doubt
and a question’s mark
wrapped in a circle in a box
left in the dark

there are paths taken
and path not
there is crap in the opinion
non sense in the thought

let us sit down and discuss this
let us be magicians
and wave to the crowds
let us change our next
put an end to the doubt

let us be monks
let us produce wisdom from naivety
and talk like we know
and know what we talk

let us be businessmen
and trade our sides
bargain and negotiate
and trade our souls
or let us be us
left to our fates