Monday, June 27

Fuzzy Sherlock

There once was a crazy cat
Fuzzy Sherlock he was called
Smokin dreams all through the day
He got high on temptation, they say

He twisted the thought
And moulded his own
All through the night
Through his microphone

And shook the groove
And made the vibe
This twisted cat
Created the jive

“Fuzzy, Sherlock
That’s my name
It’s all I got
All the same”

And so he sang
And made the smiles
And spread his name
Across the miles
And shared the peace
That he adored
This melody
Of evermore

He had the rhymes
And they had him
This little crime
Of musical whims
Of interludes
And a chorus too
This little dude
Could make you groove

“Fuzzy, Sherlock
Yeah that’s what I’m called
I’m not super, or even powered
But I am groovy, baby
To one and all

With the sky as witness
The sun as my jury
I call upon you
With musical fury

With a rhyme and a groove
And a smile and a move
With a wave of the wand
I will make you dance

With a twist of a feather
And a change of ‘whether’
I will gamble with your senses
I will offer you a chance

To join me in my madness
To join all that I represent
I will take over, Oh listener
Without your consent”

And so the trumpets played
And the tambourines joined in
The pianos echoed
The voice of the violins
The drums held the beats
And the bass held the rhythm
The listeners listened
Without division

And sherlock played on
Into the night
His voice like legend