Thursday, February 17

Electric Dawn - Unfinished Unedited Draft

Oh pretty one,from the sun
Shinin over everyone
Her whisper soothes, the greatest winds
Her smile brings me the best of things...

Talkin to, these clouds of rain
She thought she had heard them say
Holy lines, lines of grace
Talking of this time and space

She cries to me, out in the rain
Her tears i wish I could have seen
She walks to, the holy tree
Where children play in tomorrow's scene

Oh pretty one, oh pretty one
By the river on the sun
Oh yes its you
I'm talkin to

And then summer came
So did the sun
More sunsoaked bliss
And more than one

Peppermint glows on white-washed snow
And sunny sides to emerald green
She paints this here with shades of heaven
I paint these dreams right in between

Oh girl o'mine, won't you come?
To the river on the sun
Oh girl o'mine, let's overcome
This dream of ours has just begun
Oh yes its you, oh yes it's you
That I'm talkin to
Oh yes its you, oh yes it's you
That I'm talkin to

How i wish this dream would stay
And clarity would stay away
Just for a while, yet if not more
I wish to dream, but I'm quite unsure