Friday, January 28


I've slept under streetlight, as long as I can remember
Through summer sun and the nights of December
The light's been kind, and offered me peace
This quintessential figment of sugarcoated belief

And many a night, the night sky gave me form of company
And within it the stars pointed out to me
The trio of God's diamonds, Orion's Belt
Old friends, those 3, they stayed with me
Since eternity

As the night confessed, it was too busy to join us
But we moved on without a word of grief
The rustic streets, the dust on the sidewalk
Where we sat and talked is a thing of yesterday
We laughed at nothing, and talked about everything else
Memories attached, rejoiced, kaleidoscopically
This insane amalgamation of brothers in revelry

The one who knows, before he undergoes
And the one who undergoes, even before he knows
That is what we were, what we are
Pieces of a mirror broken, repainted, thrown into the stars
And I sit here and remember
I drift away
To those nights of December..

In those nights, under orange streelight
Under the 3 stars for company
We watched and conversed
And drifted away with the winds
That had come to greet us by
We drifted and disappeared
Into skies crystal clear
Into the sun within the stars
Over tunes ethnic sitars

We smiled at the cosmic,
And the universe,
We smiled at nothingness,
And the simplicity of All
We shouted out to the Universe..

It answered our call.