Thursday, December 4

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

No. Not really.. no. I can name a LOT of things that went 'absent' during my course of life, and no, my heart did not grow 'fonder'. Like for instance, the chicken pox i got in 4th grade... forgot all about it. Or the yearly fever. I try to forget it like the plague. Or the dreaded 'common' cold. I'd wish it really wasn't really that common. In my defense to the argument that I have self-created against this common proverb, I only want to say that we should really stop saying things which are applicable and progressive only when we bent it over and well.. 'adjust and adapt' to the situation at hand.

Person A: God, my fever's finally gone.
Person B: Yup. Bugged ya for a whole 3 days. But it's gone now, POOF, gone, 'ABSENT'..
Person A: Yup. 'Absence does makes the heart grow fonder'. Now that I think about it, i do miss my allergy, my fevers, colds, the mumps, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, internal bleeding.. and.. ooo ooo ooo, my favorite... constipation!!
Person B: God, you are one lucky dude... holding on to such fond memories.
Me: Er.. Waiter.. Excuse me.. I am in no way associated with these idiots, so do you think I could possibly get another table please, preferably as far away as possible, like the one over there, that's nice, it's got the maximum radius of sensibility i think, and can you charge them for their stuff? And while you're at it, could you pop in a laxative or two in their drinks? Yes. Yes I'll pay for that..