Saturday, September 6

Tales of Orange I - An intro...

My pet human is so excessively ignorant and self-centered that in all his tales here on this blog he has not once mentioned me or the important part I played in his life. Me writing from here in Heaven is just a lame excuse to cover up his negligence. He calls me Orange, the lazy slob, though I better it would be far more appropriate to introduce myself as His Highness Edward III. This is however, my name to humans, since you folks can't pronounce my feline name.

At home, I was merely called Orange.. what kind of a messed up individual would call a cat Orange... it is highly degrading, which is why I would reciprocate this injustice by eating the Banana Walnut cake that he would get to eat. Muahakhakhakha... *cough cough*

Sorry. Fur-ball.

There is lots that I have to say, but I thought a quick intro and a hi and a hello should do for now. I will return with more tales and memories.

Till then, stay Orange.

To be continued...