Sunday, July 27

I wished for a wish...

There once was a boy, who had a dream
Of scarlet skies on a sunset scene
And a river of gold, and diamond dust
And shores of cotton with a velvet crust
With a twinkle in his eye he watched the sun
The glorious rule, of another day it spun

And as he stood he saw winds at play
And peppermint greens, by the bay
And a house of stone, with a little door
Of Iroko ancient, and some more
And as he sat, and played his ivory flute
He spoke to the winds no longer mute

He spoke of the sun, and the sun heard the same
And smiled down upon him, cast a golden frame
With cosmic grandeur and heaven's grace the boy was to shine
Oh how I wish this wish was mine
Oh but it is I swear to you
It's more than a wish inside my mind
And so the boy wished, that the wish he wished was a wish of truth
And so it was, a wish of the youth

He wished for a wish, and the wish came true
The rivers turned green, and the greens turned blue
I wished for a wish, and I have no clue
Why the sun went down when i thought of you

For you am I
And I am you
And together we made
This wish come true

Thank you old friend I now remember
I saw you in the mirror this early November
And I wish you'd stay
And share my dream
Of scarlet skies on a sunset scene...