Wednesday, October 3

my dream

my dream

As i sat there, in my piazza
Feeling the wind, pass me by
I saw a beautiful angel, smile upon, me
An angel, sent from the sky

As i saw her face, I saw her smile,
And right then and right there, I forgot about the wind
A thought entered my mind, and it set me free
Was I in love, or did i drift into eternity?

She smile again, and i forgot about time
I forgot about the breeze, and clouds with silver lines
She was everywhere, in my eyes, in my mind
How beautiful was she, i cannot define...

A beautiful nymph, with heaven's grace
Rays of moonshine, adorn her face
I lost myself, in those eyes
As she's gazed upon me, with love
An angel for sure, sent down from up above

And as i gathered courage, to ask her name
She smiled, and readied herself, to fly fly away
This I couldn't see, and so I grabbed her hand
To hold her, embrace her forever, held her upon the land

She was mine now, and I, hers
We were in heaven, with the stars in reverse
The moon looked upon us, and the sun smiled
We were blessed, and together, with love in our eyes

Is this love? Or is this a dream?
Is this absolute? Or just bent reality?
Is this feeling of acceptance, this feeling of affection
A part of the dream, or a new part of me?
And as I played with her hair, I saw her fade away
And as i struggled, to get her back
I felt sunshine, creep up upon my face...

Wake up son
Rise and shine
My mother's voice
Echoed in my mind...

I lost her again!!!
But i still dream
I still search for her face
The one sent down from heaven
The one one with love and grace...

And so it was, the tale now ends
Of a mortal and a spirit, of Terra Firma, and Paradise....