Wednesday, October 3

Angel AK47

Free my demons
Save my grace
They're all angels
Out of place
Like blood n fire
In a glass
Like smoke from a fire
They fade so fast

Booze in, smoke out
Weed kicks in
2nd stage Euphoria
That I'm living in
Cant stand straight
Everythings slippin
Cant see her pretty face anymore
It all starts trippin
I feel, like a winner
A periodic sinner
Its all gone now
My blood gets thinner

I think about her, 24-7
She's an Angel
Sent down from heaven
So I send her back,with an AK-47

Sense is common
No reason for demons
To reside in your head
Like fighting yourself
A reason good enough
To bleed to your death
Like recollected past
Bits of paper and ash
Sweat, tears, cries and screams
The blood of the battle
And the pain in between
Feel like a God
I know that I'm not
Know I'm going down
To suffer.
I think about her again
Straight 24-7
She's an Angel
Brought down from heaven
I send her back
With an AK-47.